This is one of the oldest tricks in the books but it’s often skipped because of time (I totally get it). If you do have an extra minute and want the most output from mascara that you can get, try this! Applying powder before mascara really helps thicken each lash hair which, in turn, really defines the lashes. Here’s how:


Loose Powder: It’s completely irrelevant if it’s translucent or colored, it just has to be loose! My favorite loose powders are this one ($$) used on Rachel above and this one on sale ($).
A Disposable Mascara Wand: This 50-pack is on sale for under $6!
Your Favorite Mascara: I used this iconic 5-in-1 mascara ($$) but also loooove this volumizing one ($)!
A Thinner Wand Bottom Mascara: I rarely use the same mascara on the upper lashes as I do on the bottom lashes when I work on my clients because there is much more of a tendency to clump on the bottom… so I use this tight lining mascara ($$) or this one on sale ($) every time.


Roll the disposable mascara wand in the loose powder to load it up.
Tap it against the side of the container to release the excess.
Sweep the powdered wand through your lashes horizontally.
Repeat holding the wand vertically.
Switch to mascara and apply a couple coats as usual.
Switch to a thin wand for the bottom lashes (optional).