8 Simple Exercises To Reduce Inner Thigh Fat Quickly

6. Sumo Squat With Side-Arm Raises:


How to do:

  • Stand with legs wide and toes pointed outward slightly. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands with your arms straight and your palms facing down.
  • Bend your knees until your knees are over your ankles while raising your arms to just below shoulder height.
  • Arms should be in line with your legs — you should see the weights in your peripheral vision.
  • Straighten your legs and lower your arms simultaneously.
  • Complete three sets of 15 reps.

7. Adductor squeeze with Pilates ring:


This Pilates move will strengthen your inner thighs and glutes, which weaken with prolonged sitting.

How to do:

  • Start by lying on your side with a Pilates ring or squishy ball between the ankles and the arm outstretched with head relaxed.
  • Exhale and press the top leg down. Inhale to release. Keep the movement slow and controlled.
  • Tip: For a harder movement, reach the top arm to the ceiling.
  • Reps: 12 to 15 each side.

8. Scissor Leg Plank:


How to do:

  • Start in a classic plank position with each foot placed on small folded towels.
  • Now, side the feet apart while keeping your upper body fixed and
  • open the legs as wide as possible.
    Slowly squeeze the inner thighs to slide the legs back together.
  • Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions.
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